What is the Difference Between Ralliart Evo and Evo?

The Ralliart’s first major departure from its WRC-bred stablemate is the high tech transmission. The Evo has forged aluminum control arms and an active rear differential, but the Ralliarts borrows the All-Wheel Control system from the 2005-2007 Evolution IX and pairs it with traditional mechanical limited slip diffs front and rear. You can’t use the Evolution’s torque biasing capabilities, which 99% of buyers won’t ever use nor appreciate. While we may not be able to use the rear diff, the All Wheel Control system can still allow owners to select the front to rear torque bias through a computer controlled clutch pack in the centre diff. This means that the Evo can be used to select either snow, gravel, or tarmac Source URL

The all-wheel drive system is excellent and can be used in snow storms. It can also be locked so that the torque is evenly distributed between the front and rear wheels, which improves traction. You can also drive in front-wheel-drive mode. Although hydraulic power steering is very precise, it can cause body roll when it is turned suddenly. A still-up-to-date chassis can handle the Ralliart and EVO’s superior power and torque. Source URL

We found the Ralliart’s optional Recaro seats to be too tight for everyday comfort. They’re great on the track, so we loved having them on the Evo. Source URL

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