Evo X Maintenance Schedule Guide

Screenshot_25The Evo X is like your partner, you take good care of it and it will reciprocate the favour. It is quite impossible to imagine the type of relationship between an Evo X and the person using it. The tool works on a two way traffic basis where for you to ensure that the tool behaves well, you need to treat it well too and this can be achieved with regular maintenance. On whether it is time consuming to check its performance levels, it is important to note that its time consuming depends on one’s ability to check the car fluids. The Evo X will help solve the general car issues.
5,000 miles (every)/every 5 months: You should inspect the rotors and brake pads, the boots for driveshaft and rotate tires. For effective care performance, one should get this checked after every 4 months.
Every 15 months: You should check the reserved tank to have an idea of the fluid level, the state of the brake hoses, the ball joints. You should also replace the air purifier and the air cleaner. When the car is used severely, the reserved tank should be checked after every 16 months.
Every 30 months: This is all about checking the manual transfer of oil. This stage is all about checking issues related to the fuel levels such as fuel leaks, fuel hoses and the exhaust system. For severe car usage, the car should be checked after every 16 months.
Every 60 months: This involves checking the status of the heater hose and the radiator and replace them in case of any anomalies. One is also expected to heck for any clogging or leakages of the emission control system. When the car is used severely, these checks should be done after every 64 months or 60,000 miles.

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