EVO X Front Lip Install Guide

Of course after you have purchased a new EVO X front lip, the next step is to make sure you learn how to install it. The installation process is quite easy and the best way to start that process is to get a lift ,  since you most definitely will need it and since you cannot do it alone, you will need someone else to help you through. Some of the other tools you will need include a trim remover, Philips screwdriver, a socket wrench of 10mm, pliers, masking tape, shop towels and of course material that can be used for degreasing.  An important point about using the masking tape is to make sure that you always make sure that the surface is oil free before you apply the masking tape.

EVO X Front Lip Install
EVO X Front Lip Install

  1. The working areas should be ventilated. If it is in the garage, it should have a door which should be left open during the installation process. You may also use your drive way and in the process of installing this tool; the car should be left off until the process is over.
  2. Get the EVO X Front Lip manual with you. This step involves removing the front bumper and the manual will offer the best guide on how to go about the entire process.
  3. The next step is to remove the air skirt panel by unscrewing 6 screws and nuts. Keep the screws and nuts safe since you will need them later on.
  4. Insert the front bumper you had removed and fasten the four interception points.
  5. Get hold of the speed nuts you had removed and install them into the hanger inclined in the front lip.
  6. Take the hanger you have just assembled and install it on the front bumper using the 4 bolts that come with the installation kit.
  7. You remember the 6 factory screws you had earlier, now take them and install them to make the hanger stick to the undercover.
  8. Install the new front lip temporarily just to get it in position to help determine the positions which will be occupied by the spoiler and undercover.
  9. Degrease the front lip mounting position to the front bumper and put primer on it and allow it to dry for more or less 5 minutes.
  10. Cut the undercover part which interferes with the front lip.
  11. Cut of precisely 50mm backwards of every back strip of the front lip, fold them and fix them using the masking tape.
  12. Fix the upper edge into the front bumper.
  13. Beginning with the front lip center fit the front lip accurately in both ends. Next, at the rear ends of the front bumper, place the lip over the bumper via its underside.
  14. Keep  the upper and lower edge of the duct opening aligned at both right and left ends.
  15. Align the mounting holes of the front lip with the mounting holes of the bumper’s clip.
  16. Make sure that the front lip is placed at the underside of the undercover and the front lip plate placed at the upper side of the undercover.
  17. Cut off the backing strip and affirm the position of the front lip by pressing downward.
  18. Fix the wheel sections of the clip and tighten the bolts that were used to temporarily install it.
  19. Install any remaining nuts at the front side of the bumper’s underside. Make sure you do this as you still follow the manual that comes with the purchase of the product.

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