EVO X Downpipe Install Guide

Having a secondary selling downpipe is constantly great to have, particularly in the event that you adjusted your EVO to run at a higher support weight, or on the off chance that it’s now altered in such a way. This is putting aside the way that, as a large portion of us know secondary selling downpipes enhances execution. Alright new downpipe and aren’t precisely certain on the most proficient method to introduce it? This aide will bring downpipe establishment down the funnel! To spare you time, and inconvenience, it’s critical to know/remember that a lion’s share of 3″ downpipes don’t fit with the lower control arm props introduced. Discover that your current lower control arm prop would suit your new downpipe.

EVO X Downpipe Install
EVO X Downpipe Install

  1. Guarantee that the back wheels are locked for wellbeing measures. Remove the splashguard if relevant. Presently, lets truly begin by getting jack stands to bolster the raise of the front of the auto. Goodness yes, verify that the car is off!
  2. Uninstall both lower control arm braces.
  3. Undo both 17 mm jolts that are holding the stock downpipe to the front of the exhaust system. Note: For now, leave the hangers joined. This is to support the back of the downpipe as you work on the front of it.
  4. Focus on the front of the downpipe. Remove both 14 mm spring jolts. With the stock downpipe now separated, focus on the back of it and fix both 12 mm jolts that are holding to the clothes rods. Remove the stock downpipe through pulling it straight descending from the O2 lodging.
  5. Guarantee that the recessed piece of the oil container is clean (downpipe runs underneath it). Join the automatic stick heat shield that is joined by the new downpipe. Trim the automatic-stick part for an perfect fit if essential. Have the new downpipe holding tight the clothes rods at the back.
  6. Have the front side of the new downpipe raised over the gasket that is at the O2 sensor lodging. Screw on facotory spring bolts.
  7. From the back of the downpipe, join the factory gasket between the catalytic converter. At that point, screw back on the factory bolts. Voila!
  8. Conclude the downpipe establishment by beginning the Car and examining it for any leaks.

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