EVO X Cat-back Exhaust Install Guide

Decent Cat-back fumes framework you have there. Wagered you can hardly wait to introduce it. On the off chance that you don’t know how, then we got your Cat-back! You will need a 14 mm and 12 mm wrench, and anti seize paste (can be bought from Amazon.com and WEICON), you’ll have your new Cat-back fumes introduced through this aide.

EVO X Cat-back Exhaust Install
EVO X Cat-back Exhaust Install

  1. Begin removal by snatching jack stands to bolster the raise of the front of the auto. You may discover it simpler to raise and backing the entire traveler side of the auto in the event that you don’t happen to have a lift. Guarantee that the auto’s off.
  2. Fix the three 14 mm jolts that are holding the suppressor to the midpipe from underneath the back of the vehicle.
  3. Fix the 12 mm jolt that is holding the suppressor to the peg (top traveler side).
  4. Ideally, you’ll have some WD-40 available to you. This is for removal of another peg, which is the particular case that’s found ontop of the suppressor can. Splash some WD-40 around the bar that is inside the clothes rod. Push the suppressor off of the pole as you’re holding the suppressor up.
  5. Find the collapsed over tabs that are holding the O2 sensor wire. Open the tabs and relax the sensor in the same manner as though you were fixing a jolt. Detach the O2 sensor outfit (can be found inside the auto and underneath the covering) if the O2 sensor wires turning are of any worry to you. Something else, check the measure of turns that is needed for the O2 sensor to be expelled from the funnel.
  6. Fix both 19mm jolts that are associating the midpipe to the catalytic converter. Have the channel hang ontop of the studs.
  7. Come back to the back of the vehicle. Fix the two 12 mm jolts from the past midpipe to back sub frame. Thereafter, slide the midpipe back and off of the catalytic converter studs.
  8. On the off chance that you’ve removed the stock fumes gasket, set it back on. At that point, slide the midpipe onto the studs of your new cat back.
  9. Remove and fix the stock pegs to the suppressor of the new cat back. All rods ought to connect to both the suppressor and downpipe.
  10. Hang the suppressor underneath the back of the auto by sliding the top front clothes rod on. Grease up the bar if necessary so as to accomplish this part. At that point, utilizing the manufacturing plant 12 mm jolt, jolt the top back peg to the suppressor. Jolt the last clothes rod to the back sub frame utilizing the two variable 12 mm jolts.
  11. Utilizing the included equipment, jolt the suppressor to the midpipe, which ought to stay holding tight the cat back’s studs. You will be using the 14 mm screws, two (2) 14 mm nuts, and two (2) lock washers beside the gasket.
  12. Using the two (2) 17 mm jolts and remaining lock washers to connect the midpipe to the catalyctic converter.
  13. Remeber that anti seize paste that is specified earlier in this guide? Think about applying as some to the O2 sensor strings preceding reinstalling it, as a precautionary measure on the off chance that you have to evacuate at a later time.

14. Start the Car. Assess it for any breaks. Make certain to deal with any before your fumes gets excessively hot. Lower the car down, remove the jacks, and vroom!

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