EVO X Brake Rotor Install Guide

Rock is surrounding us. It’s been used for centuries to spark and sharpen weapons and devices. The EVO X’s rotor is the rock , and the brake pads are the weapons or tools. The rotor is the thing that helps the car brake. Much the same as with brake pads, the rotor(s) will need to be replaced in time. You can use a rock for so long to the point where it dissipates! However, we got you secured on the best way to introduce another brake rotor on your EVO X. You will need a hammer, a bit or similar tool that has somewhat of the same circumference of brake pad retainer pins, pry bar or comparative instrument, universal folding lug wrench (can buy at Walmart, Autozone, or Amazon), a 17 mm socket wrench, brake lube, brake cleaner, and a shop rag.

  1. Confirm the car’s completely turned off. If you need to replace the front or back driver side brake rotor, then have the wheels turned alittle right to permit more space for you to work with. On the off chance that you have to replace the front or back traveler side brake rotor, then have the wheels turned alittle left.
  2. Loosen all fasteners that are holding the wheel. Remove the wheel when you can. Group the fasteners and store them on a workbench or table.
  3. Using the 17 mm attachment wrench, remove both caliper mounting section jolts. There’s one at the top and one at the base of the caliper get together. Group and store the caliper mounting section jolts in a safe spot.
  4. Time to remove the two retaining pins that’s retaining a metal spring which is holding the brake pads. Using a hamer and a bit or comparative device, position the bit or alternative tool onto the top retaining pin and hammer it against the holding stick carefully. Quit hammering once the end which you’re pounding is out of the opening. You can haul out the pin from the other side. Wiggle it as you pull if needed. Repeat for the base holding pin. Note: You can remove the metal spring after you undo the top holding pin =). Have the retaining pins and metal spring grouped together and place them somewhere safe.
  5. Carefully remove the caliper assembly. Undo any lug nuts that are holding down the rotor, which is exposed after removing the caliper assembly , and carefully remove the current rotor.
  6. The minute your EVO X has been waiting for! Take the new rotor and apply some brake cleaner onto it. Wipe the rotor clean utilizing a shop rag and carefully set it set up.
  7. Place the caliper assembly onto the new rotor and reinstall the top and base caliper mounting section jolts. Make sure they are adequately tight.
  8. In the event that your brake pads happen to have slid out while removing the caliper assembly from earlier, then apply some brake lube to them and slide back in.
  9. Push the piston back in using a pry bar and another tool to make an opening so you can see what you’re doing.
  10. Put the metal spring back in. Hold it in place using one hand. With the other, take a retaining pin and install it to the point where it can sufficiently hold the retaining pin set up so you can hammer the rest of the pin in. You should be able to install the bottom retaining pin with no issues. If you would like,  have a companion hold the metal spring for you while you install the retaining pin. It would be much less likely on the off chance that you can discover a partner. In any case, you will accomplish this step =).
  11. Place the wheel back on with the lug nuts you removed earlier on to take the wheel off, and the universal lug wrench. Guarantee that the fasteners are decent and tight.
  12. You’re finished!

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