EVO X Air Intake Install Guide

Screenshot_22You can tune air intake; however getting an altogether new one is by far superior and advantageous. Without a doubt tuning the air intake would increase power and effeciency. Be that as it may, there will come a time when the air consumption will need to be supplanted or rather the air channeling relying entirely on your efforts. In any case we can help you understand the best way on how to give your EVO X another air intake. For you to stand a chance of achieving this, you will need a 10mm and 12mm wrench and a pair of needle nose pliers.

  1. Make sure that the car is off. Then disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.
  2. Remove the two poppet latches to remove the factory intake scoop.Gently push the shaft inward until it snaps once. Pull the entire assembly straight upwards after. Remove the factory intake scoop by pulling it out of the air box.
  3. Find the 4 snaps that are holding the air channel box. Undo the snaps; remove the air channel box top and lastly the air filter.
  4. Undo both 10mm jolts that are holding the lower air channel box to the edge/section.
  5. Loosen the clasp that is retaining the MAS to the admission hose. You may need to remove the IC piping to achieve it if the clamp’s inaccessible off to you. The brace can be found on the inlet hose that is in the middle of the air filter box and IC piping.
  6. Detach the MAS bridle and remove the “hold-down” of the harness. At that point wiggle the MAS out of the inlet hose. Whatever you do, don’t yank!
  7. Compress the sides of the tab utilizing those needle nose pliers. Navigate it down through the air filter housing. The air filters box’s harness will be released.
  8. Pull out the MAS/lower air filter box assembly and separate the two by fixing the four 10 mm nuts on the assembly utilizing a rachet wrench. If you just have a ratchet wrench, then perform a sharp and solid hit to it. Make a point not to lose the gasket that is around and before the MAS, and in addition don’t bend anything inside it. Also, ensure that the gasket’s appropriately set up.
  9. Connect the MAS to the bracket that is supplied with the air intake via bolts. Make a point to install the MAS onto the round part of the bracket and on the side that is opposite of the flat part. To further avoid disturbance in air flow, introduce the fasteners with screw head inside and have the nuts retain the MAS to the bracket on the outside
  10. Get yourself under the hood and undo the 10 mm bolt that is retaining the boost sensor to the bracket . Remove another bolt, the 10 mm one that is holding the bracket to the car, and the 12 mm bolt that is holding the bracket to the IC pipe. Using the set of needle nose pliers, remove the two fasteners that are retaining the IC sprayer water hose. Next, remove the large wire wire loom that is connected to the bracket . Squeeze tabs together, at the same time pushing the previously stated parts through the section.
  11. Attach booster sensor bracket to the section of your new air filter in predrilled hole by utilizing the factor 10 mm jolt. Make sure that the vacuum lines are facing the turbo inlet hose. Additionally, guarantee that they aren’t ruffled, crinkled, or anything of the sort. Note that If you ever need to remove the MAS air channel section for any reason, then evacuate the MAS air channel clamp and reinstall it in a manner where the screw’s head is on the backside of the tube and near the battery confronting upwards. Utilizing the two factory 10 mm bolts that  retained the already removed stock bracket, insert the MAS in the intake tube and bolt the bracket.
  12. Reconnect the MAS harness, and then at long last, using the already supplied clip, install your new air intake onto the bracket. Now, reconnect the negative battery terminal!
  13. Examine all clasps, MAS connector, and guarantee that bolts are on nicley, Connect the negative battery terminal and start her/him up!

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