What is the Difference Between Ralliart Evo and Evo?

The Ralliart’s first major departure from its WRC-bred stablemate is the high tech transmission. The Evo has forged aluminum control arms and an active rear differential, but the Ralliarts borrows the All-Wheel Control system from the 2005-2007 Evolution IX and pairs it with traditional mechanical limited slip diffs front and rear. You can’t use the … Read more

Evo X Maintenance Schedule Guide

The Evo X is like your partner, you take good care of it and it will reciprocate the favour. It is quite impossible to imagine the type of relationship between an Evo X and the person using it. The tool works on a two way traffic basis where for you to ensure that the tool … Read more

EVO X Front Lip Install Guide

Of course after you have purchased a new EVO X front lip, the next step is to make sure you learn how to install it. The installation process is quite easy and the best way to start that process is to get a lift ,  since you most definitely will need it and since you … Read more

EVO X Front Bumper Install Guide

There are so many ways of making your EVO look appealing especially when it comes to the front bumper which is what everyone sees first. It is for this reason that you will see people purchasing front bumpers to make their cars more appealing and just in case you have bought a new one, you … Read more

EVO X Air Intake Install Guide

You can tune air intake; however getting an altogether new one is by far superior and advantageous. Without a doubt tuning the air intake would increase power and effeciency. Be that as it may, there will come a time when the air consumption will need to be supplanted or rather the air channeling relying entirely … Read more

EVO X Brake Pads Install Guide

As many of us knows, brake pads are crucial to our EVO X, or generally vital! Yet, our worry lies generally in the EVO , and its brake pads. Much the same as with tires, brake pads wear n’ tear. It’s said that brake pads may last anywhere in the range of 40k to 100k … Read more